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​​​​Dakota Supplies Inc. based in Calgary, is a privately owned corporation specializing in designing innovative products for a variety of industries including commercial transportation, emergency medical services, and home consumers.  Meet our team and group of industry experts...

Applications: Airline Interior Cleaning, Rail Interior Cleaning, Hotel Interior Cleaning, Emergency Medical Vehicles, Railway and High Speed Train.

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Productivity: Increase employee morale and enhance their work environment by better equipping staff en-route to maintain standards.



Reduce slips, trips and falls of staff and passengers on board. Ensure staff don't have to touch the unsanitary mess or get down on hands and knees to clean the mess.

Revolutionary products for interior cleaning InFlight, EnRoute, InSuite for commercial transportation and the hotel industry.


Every type of aircraft, train, bus, passenger coach or hotel has floors and lavatories but limited space to store cleaning supplies and limited time to clean. The moppitt™ family of products provides a unique all-in-one 'touchless' system that is safe, convenient, quick, easy, and effective to use, all in a lightweight compact design for easy storage.

Product and Industry Overview...


Save Money: 

Reduce staff sickness, improve on-time performance by pre-grooming before landing, and use less paper products which only move the mess around and don't clean. Save wear and tear on your valuable assets.


Increase customer service and maintain brand of your company with improved hygiene en-route. No locking off bathrooms because of the inability for them to be used because of the mess.

Cost Savings